The imposition of order on formless chaos,

the release of joyous chaos into the grey monotony of order…

this is the true magic. All else is shadow.

Neil Gaiman

Producer, curator, urban culture explorer and driver. Uniting people, ideas and phenomena in the movement to excellent in harmony.

Developing art in the public space is my personal and professional interest as well as intention to transform the boring everyday circulation space  into a special experience through art.

Depending on the customer’s design scale, I am acting both independently (as curator, producer, consultant) and as a team of associates within the projects.

Having a wide network from all around the world, in  touch with the leading experts of different fields: urban & cultural studies, art history, architect, design, education, psychology etc.

Albina Motor is a founder of Street Art Research Institute (in partnership with Polina Ej and Mikhail Astakhov).

From 2017 in partnership with Danish Cultural Institute in St.Petersburg developing international project Waterfront (the main focus on how to create modern and full-fledged public spaces in coastal areas of cities).

From 2018 teaching the original course in the Higher School of Economics.


A globally minded person, originally from the countryside of the city of Naberezhnye Chelny (Tatarstan), nowadays live in St. Petersburg and Moscow, working in Russia and abroad.

Philologist for basic higher education, the professional career began in news media (TV and newspapers), had participated in the project of socio-political research in Siberia and the Urals, and then turned to develop as a producer of cultural and educational projects (festivals, exhibitions, creative workshops).

At 2014m graduated from the Institute for Media, Architecture and Design “Strelka” (according to the magazine Domus included in the list of the 100 best architectural schools of the world).

From 2013th to 2016 was a part of start-up team of the Street Art Museum, St. Petersburg, as producer has developed the external curatorial projects, created an art residence, and organised main educational and exhibition programs.

Giving lectures on street/public art, projects’ management, participate in international seminars and conferences.


My personal interests coincide with the professional. The extraordinary drive and energy gives the process of co-creation with the like-minded people, a circle that is constantly expanding thanks to friends, colleagues, partners and clients. An inspiration is drawing out from family, music, reading, spontaneous meetings with friends, outdoor activities, yoga, dance and travel by bicycle.

And this website and all the beautiful photos and videos on it were made by Ilya Davydov, my main partner and associate.