Since September 2018, I began to conduct the author’s course “Personal branding” for the second year masters in the program “ECultural and Event Tourism Management” at the St.Petersburg School of Economics and Management”.

At first, I was invited to hold a seminar on the minor programme, and then to develop my own course on the unexpected, but interesting for me, topic “Personal branding”. The credibility of the inviting side is such that I can experiment with the formats, which is very inspiring.

The course (developed in English) consists of two blocks of five classes (each of four academic hours):
– in the first, we with masters mostly study the theory of the “personal brand” phenomenon (for what and who needs it, techniques, tools) supported by practical exercises (how to find originality, self-presentation skills etc. );
– in the second – in search of authenticity, we are working with invited experts : with choreographer, psychologist-therapist, stylist, blogger and actor.

This is a very interesting experience, I study with my students (they are open and hardworking, it’s great to see people open up). The result of the course should be a sensible strategy of student behavior in the public field from the point of view of a professional career (as long as social networks), I am going to share how it will turn out.

There is a desire – there are opportunities.
The idea of teaching systematically, rather than just giving lectures on a case-by-case basis, appeared to me a couple of years ago. I have a lot of things to share, plus the preparation for classes by itself give me a lot of work for systematization of experience and knowledge, and the search for techniques and formats suitable for different audiences is interesting to dive into it. At the same time, it was precisely the possibilities of experimentation, an informal approach to the process of working with students or schoolchildren (therefore, I immediately refused the offer to become a teacher in one of the St. Petersburg schools few years ago).