Artists: Adno, Akue, Petro, Slak
Curator/Producer: Albina Motor for Street Art Museum
St.Petersburg, Russia, October, 2015

In Primorsky district of St. Petersburg with the SAM curation has appeared five new murals as part of an art project organized by ‘Oikumena’ construction company for ‘Graffiti’ residential complex.

The project involved Akue, Adno, Petro, Slak. The choice of this area is due to the of the residential complex, and shows the transition of “marginal” graffiti in the category of high contemporary art, where street art is a key element of modern urban culture. The project illustrates the evolution of graffiti writers. They began artistic career with the font compositions (tags) and today Akue, Adno, Petro Slak are working with conceptual abstract graphics.