Art project for Okhta Mall

Artist: Adno, Russia
Curator: Albina Motor for Street Art Museum
St.Petersburg, August 2016


The work is a first part of art for the Okhta district of St.Petersburg, the ex-industrial area not far from the historical centre.
The old building will be demolish in the nearest future, so the owners decided to give the opportunity for street artists to cover the walls by art.

The main curator’s idea was to combine in one place current trends in contemporary monumental art: from figurative realism to abstraction techno.
As a result, unsightly gray building is transformed into an art object by the wall painting in the style of “large format” decoration, with an emphasis on color creating bright and cheerful mood. The deliberate combination of “cultural Petersburg”‘s classic images with bright graphics and vibrant abstract improvisation creates an important link in the context of the megapolis with its modern dynamic pulse.

The project is implemented by Russian artists Zukclub, Wais and Adno.

The first step of project is the mural by Adno. What the artist says about the process and the result of his piece:. “Firstly, it is the last work in this cycle. Cycle I call a group of works related to certain qualities (shape, color, tasks). No similar works more, at least, in the form in which they are intended. Second, now I know how to make a 10-meter gradient and what colors are best for this match. It’s one thing to see detaile from the side, the other when you are a meter away from you the stain, which is greater than you several times and tangibility color transition is so small that sometimes get lost “.

Photo: Ilya Davydov